schello. today is the 12th of July, it is a wednesday. And I got myself a couple of new earrings.

I also got up at like 9 o´clock. whoaaa. By free will during the summer, mhmmm. Got to the mall to meet up with a friend I haven´t seen since January ;o ! Was really nice, we went to a couple of cafés and just talking and having fun :D We never really can stay on the same subject for even 5 seconds when were talking :D haha, i also spent like 60 € on clothes :S guilty.

Went talking to a complete stranger as well, and met another friend, had fun walking around down town, was nice =) And met my sister and her boyfriend today as well. Aaaaand another friend, or classmate. I had a good day :) Its nice being here. atleast for a while. 

Was raining cats and dogs today :o but where did i have my take away coffee then ? ;o and now its all sunshiny. Me dont mind =)

hmmm. blog blog blogeliblog. 

please ask me a question. send it to my mailbox =)